Julie Nicholas, of the renown trio Nicholas, Glover, and Wray, breaks out on her own.

For over 3 decades, Julie Nicholas has been a notable talent as a blues and jazz stylist in The SF Bay Area. Her gutsy and belting style has delivered an element of soulfulness to her ensemble work as well as her solo performances. Her 34 year adventure of singing together with Willow Wray and Sheilah Glover as the award-winning trio, Nicholas, Glover & Wray, perfected a vocal blend and love of harmony that was an immediate conduit for a successful partnership. In addition to the trio's impeccable vocal union, Julie's roll was invaluable as a major contributor to the harmony arrangements for which NGW has gleaned their reputation. Her rich musical history also includes singing with Terry Garthwaite and Joy of Cooking; the band, Small Change, featuring cutting edge musicians led by guitarist/performance artist Paul Dresher; and regular vocalist engagement with Dick Oxtot's Golden Age Jazz Band.